week 21

week 21

from makeshift solutions to product development by Johanna Dehio
Love them or hate them: one encounters makeshift solutions everywhere! In her project “Working title” Johanna Dehio questions what might be the unique beauty in makeshift objects; and furthermore, what could be learned from them for her own product development and adopted from their specific charm. Readiness to improvise and an open-minded approach are important preconditions in her design method. The outset is the approach: honing the perception of the positive aspects of spontaneously created solutions and recognising their beauty. The result is a series of drafts describing a feeling of openness and ease. The “Drahtbank”( = wire bench) is part of the collection “Working Title”. It consists of metal frames of a stool, a chair and a table which are completed by the user combining them with one’ s preferred material; planks, boards, old wooden panels… The bench allows for many variations and asks for the user’s involvement.


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